TE 899P-01 Plant the Seeds of Literacy  
(1 Credit)


Conference Registration and Attendance. All individuals applying for Graduate Credit must register separately for the NSRA Conference and attend a minimum 15 hours of keynotes, sessions, meal functions, and exhibits (only one hour of exhibits will count). 

At-Conference Expectations. Individuals will keep a log of attendance, documenting and taking notes for each session attended.  Complete information about the presenter and any previous experience/knowledge with the topic and/or the presenter should be included.  A list of recommended sessions will be provided.

Follow-Up Activities. Individuals will complete a paper on how s/he intends to “connect” the information learned at the conference to “how” or “what” is being taught in the future. This paper will incorporate the key learnings from the attendance log and must be submitted by March 31.

Recommended Text. Elllery, Valerie A., Lori Oczkus, & Timothy V. Rasinski. (2015). Literacy Strong All Year Long: Powerful Lessons for K-2. International Literacy Association. (Two of the three authors will be presenters at the conference.)   

Graduate Tuition Nebraska Resident          $272.00 per hour  
(Includes Fees)

Available through the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  A representative of the Graduate Office will be available ON-SITE in the Exhibit Hall on Thursday & Friday of the conference to expedite the registration process.  For more information, please call 308-865-8556.