Kathy Bumgardner is the creator of THINK CLOUDS and other tried-and-true interactive and collaborative literacy tools in her LITERACY TOOL KIT. These are valuable resources that can be learned about today and used immediately to support successful differentiated READING and WRITING classroom instruction. A veteran educator, with more than 30+ years, Kathy Bumgardner is a passionate presenter who combines research-based interactive instructional best practices and positive humor at every opportunity. With a teaching career spanning a variety of grade levels, diverse classrooms, and literacy positions in North Carolina Schools, Kathy fully understands the value of sharing real-world teaching strategies that worked for her in her own classrooms, and the overwhelming challenges that teachers and educators face on a daily basis.

Kathy strives to bring successful research-based practices, as well as her own classroom experiences, into her presentations to promote and support high-quality teaching. Her philosophy for effective and relevant professional development is founded upon the reality that if participants can be interactively engaged and involved in professional development, and also have an opportunity to add in a “Make It and Take It” session, then they will be able to adapt and better sustain valuable strategies that they learn. She constantly strives to both share valuable strategies and spark laughter and motivation in all of her sessions. Truly, there is rarely a dull moment in Kathy’s sessions.

Kathy currently is the founder and lead literacy consultant and school improvement coach with Strategies Unlimited, Inc., with many documented successful results in individual schools and districts across the country. In this role, she directly coaches and works with schools, teachers, students, and administrators in collaborative efforts to consistently raise quality cognitive opportunities for students in, and in setting goals for, raising student achievement.

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