America’s Leading Reading Ambassador

For the past two decades, DR. DANNY BRASSELL has
served as an educational advisor to students ranging from
preschoolers to rocket scientists. While he has held a variety
of titles and worked with leaders from a variety of fields and
disciplines, Danny has always considered himself first and
foremost a teacher.
A former inner-city teacher, Dr. Brassell is a recognized
authority on leadership development, motivation and
communication skills. Thousands, from small business
owners to corporate executives, have enjoyed his energetic,
interactive and informative presentations. His popular TED
talk has been called one of the “funniest and most
memorable education speeches of the last five years.” He
has spoken to over 2,000 different audiences worldwide,
including over 100 across North America and Asia this past
Danny has written 14 books, including his latest – Read,
Lead & Succeed, which examines the link between reading
and successful leadership. His top-selling books A Baker’s
Dozen of Lessons Learned from the Teaching Trenches and
Bringing Joy Back into the Classroom form the basis of two
of his most popular keynotes for schools, associations and
other organizations. He reminds participants to laugh at
themselves while they focus on the serious business of their