Revision: How to Teach it, Learn it, Love it! 2.0
“They love to write, but how do I get them to love revision?”

Revision is an ongoing, creative process, not simply the act of correcting a rough draft. Yet, many students groan or go limp at the prospect for revising their work. This idea-packed presentation, based on Barry Lane’s 2 books, After THE END and Revisers Toolbox, will send you back to the classroom with practical techniques and exercises to show students how to love revision as much as professional writers do. Based on the 2nd edition of After THE END (Heinemann 2016)

Force Field for Good: Teaching Kindness Through Song and Literacy
At a time when high academic achievement and rising test scores are seen as success, it is easy to forget that real accomplishment in life involves how we live and act everyday. Force Field for Good, is an ongoing, year long, musical approach to creating a kindly classroom community of students who share a passion for self-reflection and aspire to well being for every member of their class. Created by Barry and 2nd grade teacher Colleen Mestdagh the mini-curriculum merges academic learning with social emotional learning. Come to this session ready to sing, read and write. for information.