Foldables for Early Learners:  Manipulatives and Stations

This highly engaging, hands-on session provides early childhood educators the opportunity to create 3-D, interactive graphic organizers, learning centers or stations, and/or classroom displays ready for immediate use with students.  Applications relate to foundational early literacy and numeracy skills.  Participants are encouraged to provide additional ideas for application.
FULL DAY WORKSHOP includes additional graphic organizers and applications, specific time spent on designing learning portfolios or projects, and/or specific work time by content area/grade level for teachers to develop applications
with guidance/feedback from trainer. 
Participant materials provided.

Dinah Zike, M.Ed., is a nationally renowned author, education consultant, and lecturer. She has invented hundreds of educational manipulatives (graphic organizers) that are used internationally by educators, trainers, and consultants. Dinah has developed over 200 supplemental educational books and materials used in homes and classrooms nationally and in English-speaking countries around the world. Her Foldables® are an exclusive feature of McGraw-Hill textbooks.
Five of Dinah’s books have won LearningTM magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Awards. Envelope Graphic OrganizersTM and Foldables® and VKV®s for Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary PreK-3rd, were judged top Professional Development picks for 2014. Notebook Foldables® and Foldables®, Notebook Foldables®, and VKV®s for Spelling and Vocabulary 4th-12th were designated For the Classroom winners in 2011. Dinah’s Big Book of Books and Activities won the distinction in 1994, the very first year LearningTM magazine instituted these awards.
Among other awards and recognition, Dinah received the Council for Elementary Science International’s Elementary Science Advocate Award in 2004, which remains one of her most treasured accolades.
Dinah lives in an 1800s stone house with her husband, three dogs, five longhorns, four chickens, and a dominant cat in the historic village of Comfort in the Texas Hill Country.

Judith Youngers, PhD
Pre-and post her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Iowa, with emphases in the Language Arts-Reading and Linguistics, Judith Youngers taught pre-K through middle grades plus university level and worked as a district language arts-reading specialist.  She has developed instructional strategies and materials for Early Childhood through Grade 12 that are visual-kinesthetic and often dual language. She has developed 500+ classroom-test instructional templates or three-dimensional graphic organizers alongside Dinah Zike, the inventor and developer of Foldables® with whom she has worked for the past 12 years. She speaks frequently at national, regional and state conferences in highly interactive sessions. She enjoys work with youth in schools, libraries and after-school settings in Texas, experimenting with visual-kinesthetic vocabulary manipulatives and Foldable® techniques.