Dr. Lewis Spector

Dr. Lewis Spector

Dr. Lewis-Spector will be President of the International Reading Association in 2014-15. She earned her doctorate from Rutgers University. She has just recently retired from New Jersey City University where she taught graduate education courses in reading as well as reading basic skills courses for freshmen. Prior to university teaching, she was a classroom teacher in public schools, grades 7 through 12, in Virginia and New York.

Throughout her career, Dr. Lewis-Spector has worked extensively with various governmental agencies, advocating for better schools and more resources for teachers.

She served as a volunteer for IRA’s Secondary Education Project in Macedonia and has also worked there and in Kazakhstan and Albania for IRA’s Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project. She chaired the board of directors for the American Reading Forum and is a former president of IRA’s LEADER Special Interest Group. Dr. Lewis-Spector has been a faculty fellow at Princeton University and was recipient of New Jersey Reading Association’s Distinguished Service Award in 2002 and IRA’s Special Service award in 2008. She has authored numerous articles on topics such as professional development, advocacy, and adolescent literacy. In addition, she has authored several texts including Academic Literacy: Readings and Strategies. She was lead author of the text Educators on the Frontline: Advocacy Strategies for Your School, Your Students, and Your Profession. One of the most recent books she edited is Essential Questions in Adolescent Literacy: Teachers and Researchers Describe What Works in Classrooms, published by Guilford Press.

Dr. Lewis-Spector’s interests include preparing teachers to meet high standards, education policies that affect literacy achievement, and advocating for universal literacy so that all citizens can participate in sustaining civil societies.

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