When we heard that this school in the Philippines needed books for an empty library, we sent money with Tom Grunow on his mission trip to provide books as the NSRA International Literacy Project to Collegio de Populi.  Now, we have a new idea that we think goes with our “green” conference this year.  Did you inherit a classroom filled with educational items that you don’t use?  Have you stored items and wonder what to do with them?  Well, we have a solution: send them to a school with almost nothing.  Clean out your cupboards, closets, basement, etc. and make a difference across the world.
Tom Grunow of Lincoln has helped secure the Orphan Grain Train to deliver a container of any educational supplies and literacy materials we donate.  What we are asking you to do is help fill the container when you come to the NSRA Conference this February.  What can you bring that will be helpful?  Any educational and literacy materials including books, teachers guides, text books, paper, writing supplies, learning materials for reading, writing, language arts, math, etc.  If you have items that would encourage counting or working for pre-school, they have almost nothing.  They love basketball and anything Disney so those kind of items could make school fun for the littlest ones.  If you have old technology, they welcome that too. They can fix a broken iPad screen for about $20 there so even these kind of items are welcome.  The school will continue to grow until it is pre-K to 12 so items for all ages are welcome.  (What if you have items too large to bring?  Let Cindy Johnson [email protected] know, and she will let the Orphan Grain Train in your area know.  They will contact you and come pick up the items for you and add them to the container.  Yes, it is large!  Christ Lutheran School was able to send tables, chairs, old computers, even an old kidney shaped table for young ones to gather around.  They still need more. It works and keeps items out of the landfill and used.)

Dr. Ludivico L Duran and the Team of Educators at Collegio de Populi are happy to have their school physically up and running preK – 6th grade.  They started from the ground floor up, with their faculty and staff, school parents, and neighbors, coming together to physically build the structures by hand in January 2016.  They began their first academic year June 15, 2016, and will end April 5, 2017. All the CDP students learn and speak proper English as part of academics during school hours.  They did not yet have a school library or many books or technology until we sent money this month.  Dr. Duran writes, “We would graciously receive your generosity for our library and we call it our “Nebraska Literacy Center”.

CLICK HERE to view and print a list of Items Needed!