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  • How to motivate a middle school reader 09/25/2017
    Common Sense MediaIn the early grades, parents and teachers focus on teaching kids how to read. As kids get older, we hope they'll want to read. Reading for pleasure has lots of benefits. It builds vocabulary and improves reading comprehension, writing, spelling, grammar, and knowledge of the world. It also boosts test scores. But as […]
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  • Poetry for Kids Who Are 'Just No Good at Rhyming' 09/25/2017
    Some people have an aversion to poetry. They think it's got rules. You know, like, it's got to rhyme. Moon, June, croon a tune to a raccoon and an old spittoon. Blah, blah, blah. Chris Harris, who's never written a children's book before, has produced a new book that children may enjoy so much, they […]
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  • Why Kids Love Being Scared, According to a Famous Children's Author 09/25/2017
    Sandra Boynton, the creator of an empire built on whimsical greeting cards (by some estimates she has sold more than 500 million) and board books, has in more recent years branched out into kids music. Her most recent album Hog Wild!, for example, features Samuel L. Jackson as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. All the artists' and […]
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