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  • Tips for the Littlest Writers 12/15/2017
    Does writing still matter? For little ones, absolutely. Pre-writing and writing activities are important skills to master before formalized education begins — and writing is one of the five practices (reading, writing, singing, playing, and talking) recognized by Every Child Ready to Read as a precursor to school success. By writing, I mean all forms […]
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  • A new Memphis nonprofit sees training teachers in dyslexia teaching methods as key to closing literacy gap for all 12/15/2017
    A new nonprofit organization says educators must be better trained to recognize and teach students with learning disorders like dyslexia if they are to raise reading proficiency throughout Memphis. Michelle Gaines and Krista L. Johnson founded ALLMemphis in June to boost overall reading comprehension and fill a gap they see in local classrooms — the […]
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  • Martin Walker students experiment to strengthen comprehension 12/15/2017
    How much of what you read can you actually remember? One Martin Walker Elementary School teacher has a method for helping students truly understand and recall what they are reading. Teacher Angela Thomas plans interactive activities that involve student investigation and first-hand learning to reinforce comprehension. She has students conduct experiments after reading a book. […]
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