Celebrate Literacy Award

Contact: Marilyn Coon
Email:  [email protected]
The Celebrate Literacy Award recognizes individuals, organizations, and institutions that have made a significant literacy contribution at the local, state, or provincial level. State Nominations are due Oct 1 to be recognized during the annual conference in February.
NSRA Celebrate Literacy Award Guidelines Form
For more information go to ILA:

Distinguished Educator Award

Contact: Julie Schik
Email:  [email protected]
The Distinguished Educator Award recognizes an educator (administrator, teacher, para, media specialist) who has supported literacy. State nominations are due Oct. 1 to be recognized during the annual conference in February.
Distinguished Educator of Reading Award Guidelines
Distinguished Educator of Reading Award Rubric

Exemplary Reading Program Award

Contact: Julie Agard
Email:  [email protected]
The Exemplary Reading Program Award recognizes outstanding reading and language arts programs at all grade levels (elementary, middle, and high school). Its purpose is to call the public’s attention to outstanding programs in schools throughout Canada and the United States.  Applications are due at ILA by Nov 28, which is followed by a school site visit from the state committee. The state committee will select one school to recognize at the ILA Convention.  At least one faculty or staff member of that school must be a current ILA member.

Honor Council

The Honor Council Program annually recognizes local, student and special interest councils that organize and conduct well-rounded programs serving the council members, the community, the state/provincial council, and the International Literacy Association. Councils are recognized for accomplishments of the previous year.
Deadline: December 15

For additional information, contact Council Services.