NSLA Virtual Book Club, 2019

“Who’s Doing the Work? How to Say Less so Readers Can Do More”
by Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris

Continue your professional development by participating in the NSLA Virtual Book Club, 2019.
Introductory Video

  • Sign up to do book study by joining our group on FACEBOOK
  • Purchase the book on your own. (see below)
  • Participate in our discussions
    • March 15—Chapter 1 discussion will be posted
    • April 5—-Chapter 2
    • April 26—Chapter 3
    • May  17—Chapter 4
    • June 7—-Chapter 5
    • June 28—–Chapter 6
    • July 12—-Conclusion
    • July 16—-Summer Institute in Grand Island

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Win a chance to go to lunch with the authors on the day of the Summer Institute.  (You must have registered for the book study, and responded to each question to enter. GIPS and NSLA will each pay for a winner’s meal.)